Samantha’s Assignment Page

Project #1: Cyanotype

Samantha I’d like you to think about using sequence and motion -repetition and pattern in your cyanotypes as well as thinking about how images can be paired together or put into a grid. Think about combining objects with abstraction or portraits with abstraction. Try out some interesting handmade papers and different textures. Think about combining images with drawn or geometric forms of abstraction–either through found imagery or look at some templates or objects themselves–  Think about using a combination of creating digital negatives together with actual objects placed directly onto material source.  Take a loo at some of these cyanotypes and get yourself all prepared on Thursday with materials so you’ll be ready for Friday cyanotype session.


Christian Marclay


Grid No. 3 (Full and Empty Cassettes), 2012, cyanotype

Cassette Grid No. 10, 2009, cyanotype

Birth of a galaxy #3 || Cyanotype | Photogram

Birds Nest White

look at this artist’s work at link above

Project 2: Salt Prints   I think you’ve had a few images you seemed pleased with but I think you’re making it very tough on yourself working so small–the salt process doesn’t lend itself too well at that scale..I like how you are tearing up your papers and then reassembling them..I like that idea a lot but it needs to work at a larger scale.  I would be interesting for you to use a large negative and then insert differrent pieces expose them all same time and then do other images that go with it and then create a grid of them together..I think this could be unusual but you need to plan out the concept beforehand or it won’t come together…try working this out a bit more–I also think it would work in cyanotype too depending on the imagery–try to stick with more figurative ideas in salt print and more abstractions in cyanotype and you can always make a grid with pieces from each process in the same grid. There is an artist I linked to that does that.

Project 3: Darkroom Experiments  I’d like to see you work on some diptiks and triptiks exploring ideas of movement itself in the images and then formally sequencing them –by pairing them or creating a composite panorama. I’d like to see the images you’re thinking of working with first so I have a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve so I an advise you of some shortcuts to get there.


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