Jorge’s Assignment Page

Project #1: Cyanotype

Jorge, I’d like for you to continue your interest in double exposures and the drops of food coloring. I think transferring some of the water drop images without the football logos onto transparency and making cyanotypes and then handcoloring them with watercolors might turn out fabulous. Also using the double exposures in combination with putting images and objects directly onto the paper building up the surface would work too–think about incorporating some drawn objects not just photographed images into these montages as well as perhaps adding some text—-I think you should start out on watercolor paper since the images are so complex stay away from textured surfaces–so get the transparency get the digital neg’s made so you’ll be ready for Friday session. Take a look at some of these images…and look as Susan Derges work it’s wonderful–  it’s a bit hard to navigate her site–but her moon and water images are not to be missed

    by Allan Jenkins. Toned cyanotype

Cyanotype Double Exposure

Project #2: Salt Prints  I want to see you working bigger and with images that are easier to read for this process–also try to work on some canvas and perhaps combine several digital negatives together and arrange them with overlapping glass. I think you’re all about showing the process rather than obscuring it…

Project #3: Darkroom Experiments  Some of the photograms of Ken doll were excellent-loved the simplicity and symbolism–think these would also translate very well into cyanotype–and on fabric too…Would like to see you try out some more solarization techiques–and do a lot of experimentation with sandwiched negs and composite printing.

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