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cropped photo in header: The Masks Grow To Us, 1947  Clarence John Laughlin -pioneer surrealist and experimental photographer
In our society, most of us wear protective masks of various kinds and for various reasons. Very often the end result is that the masks grow to us, displacing our original characters with our assumed characters. – Clarence John Laughlin – in 1973.
It therefore should be possible for even the photographer – just as for the creative poet or painter – to use the object as a stepping stone to a realm of meaning completely beyond itself. – Clarence John Laughlin

altphoto2015longer     syllabus 2015    archived

syllabus 2018 –see syllabus tab

Hello Alternative Photo Independent Study Students,

Welcome fall 2018 1 students, now’s the time to begin anew, to look at your photographs with different eyes. In this class you will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with various photographic and artistic techniques and processes. Please bring a large selection of your photographs to our first meeting so that I can see where you’ve been so far, and what alternative techniques might be most relevant for your work.  Demonstrations and materials will be announced here on my blogsite. I will provide a gallery page for each student as we work together to create an individual project portfolios for each of you. Please send me jpgs of your finished work so I can post it to your gallery page.

Taking your photographs to another level, thinking outside pre-conceived traditional boundaries is what this class will be about. Understanding and executing meaning through technique, style, innovation, and the photograph as an “object of art” , with its own aesthetic physical presence inseparable from its process is our focus.

I want each of you to challenge yourselves to go outside your comfort zones, to think about what happens to a photograph when it’s deconstructed, recombined, layered, superimposed double-exposed sandwiched, mutilated, re-sequenced, manipulated, contextualized with text, put into a grid, diptik-triptik, embellished, its substrate or surface altered, taken from 2d to 3d, from paper to other materials..what remains that can still be called a photograph, and what transforms into an entirely new non representational dimension.  The possibilities are limitless. There are no mistakes, just discoveries. Be open to changing directions, and embracin the accidental. You will learn to be intuitive about detail and control, but also, to be free and experimental.

This is a class to explore conceptually but there are sequential steps and procedure for some processes, as well as the ability to interject and disrupt to achieve your end result.  This will require discipline and organization on your part to be self motivated and prepared for weekly class which will be devoted to lab, and demo. There will be a guest speaker, Jill Enfield on a tuesday after class at 3:30 in November, as well as offsite workshop on wetplate collodion tintype process. There will be an exhibition and a lecture with an artist using alternative techniques for you to attend, http://www.penumbrafoundation.org/ and you will need to submit 2 page paper covering both events.

Chemicals used in alternative photography at lagcc see document for full disclosure

Chemistry Used in Alternative Photography


All images displayed on this blogsite belong to their respective owners and are subject to all copyright protection-All alternative photo student work displayed on student gallery pages may not be used borrowed, or altered or redistributed or reblogged in any means whatsoever- If sharing any image for educational purposes- permission must be sought from Professor Gordon and if granted, the photo student name and link to source page must be included.

All correspondence to me should be to fotoprofessor@hotmail.com

Looking forward to assisting each of you in your discoveries!

Professor Jaimie Lyle Gordon

CUNY Laguardia Community College : Photography Dept

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