Transfer techniques for home

Image transfers can be done at home. There are diff techniques and different materials necessary for each of them. I have linked instructions and will show you examples. There is also a great new transfer paper Palisadde image paper where you don’t have to do the rubbing of paper, it is called, available from here.

DO NOT FORGET TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGE OR IT WILL BE are printing a positive flipped horizontally

laser vs inkjet


above she uses plastic sheets not label backing for inkjet onto porous, good design tips

For image transfers using prints made on laser printer color or black/white

Tips for wood finishing use scratch cover to darken stain age wood after transfer, tinted sealers, mod podge makes great ones, use gel medium, and sealer for top.

Use Images printed on regular copy paper from laser printer

get brushes and foams brushes, credit card for burnishing, scraper tool–I like using a roller brayer!!

-polycrylic on wood, old toothbrush, wood,

-Liquitex Professional Gloss Gel, Medium, 


Technique below is using Liquitex gloss gel onto canvas using shiny side of label put through laser printer, shiny side of wax paper works pretty well too. You can buy avery labels with 2 large labels and use just the backing of label. This works well on canvas. You can use paintbrush or sponge brush to transfer.


Above video uses LIQUITEX heavy gloss gel and mailing label backing adhesive paper also, no rubbing, this produces much cleaner image, this is onto wood video also uses backing above is onto canvas–print on shiny side of label backing, depending on condition of backing paper, it can be reused. Let it dry overnight

for matte stone tiles use Mod Podge Matte or Liquitex Professional Matte Gel (Gel Medium)

see above link for video on using citrasolve as solvent transfer photo technique

For glossy ceramic tile–see below

Modpodge photo transfer medium preferred! sponge brush

Put Modpode matte clear acrylic sealer spray, 3 coats 15 min between –if brushing you will get streaks so use spray!

I like a lot of her techniques below, she used laser print image corrected her mistake in the notes..I like the staining and her suggestions..a heat gun can speed up drying too,,and her addition of text using vinyl lettering and transfer tape is wonderful, as his her suggestion to use stencils and paint for text also…names? A vinyl cutter  Cricut maker contact paper for the vinyl? Dollar tree clear shelf liner..explanation of vinyl cricut lettering ..

onto glass



For image transfers using prints made on inkjet printers

Also uses label backing but he preps it before it goes into inkjet printer