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Betzy’s Salt Print and Cyanotypes, Collage, Embroidery, Composite, 3D, Solarization, Toning

Betzy’s Liquid light and Transfer Lift

Betzy’s Artist statement:

Having no barriers for this class helped me to think outside the box. For the most part I try to keep my photos looking crispy clean. Making Salt prints allowed me to change the mood of my photos by the way I applied the chemicals onto the paper. Salt prints were my favorite thing to do for this class, apart from the embroidered photo I did. It made it have texture and give just a little splash of color. What else was fun to try was using two different methods to create a new photo. The usage of cyanotypes with photograms were fun. Making digital negatives is something that I thought was useful to know. Something that I will keep doing in my future work is embroidering and making salt prints.

2 thoughts on “Betzy

  1. Betzy,

    I love all the photographs of your mother. She’s beautiful, and the way you portray her, through the methods you chose, show her as feminine, beautiful, and strong. Love.

    I also really like the portrait with the flowers over her body, it gorgeous and because it’s a salt print, almost timeless. Like, it looks like it could be contemporary, but at the same time, it could be from a hundred years ago.

    I think your liquid light projects are my favorite, I love being able to see the brush strokes, it adds to the almost ghostly feel of them.

    Great work, overall!



  2. Betzy, I think many of the images are quite wonderful. I especially love the montage of the girl between the eyes–it is just exceptional and makes me think of Frida Kahlo and reminds me of the wonderful photo montages in the late 20’s-30’s yet it feels fresh not a throwback. The flowers onto the girl is also outstanding in composition and feeling and the salt print really intensifies the warmth and timelessness to it. The composite of the profile of the guy with steel beamlike background is quite striking. Your sensibility of combining photos is very confident and sophisticated and I think you should continue in this direction. I really like what you did with the mouths and I would still like to see you work with some more “decayed ” mouths to compliment the deteriorating aspects and surface qualities of the cyanotype nd salt print surfaces. Think you could do something very interesting completing a body of work in cyanotype like that–because they almost feel xray like. Maybe even using dental xrays might be of interest. I also think your photograms in combo with the cyanotype have a very ethereal delicate quaity to them. I think too–that a series of tongues that function as landscapes would be very interesting for you to explore. I think your combinations are not overdone-they don’t look gimmicky–they are very sensual and direct.

    The bowl with the liquid light has a lot of possiblity–think how to be as intentional as you can with objects rather than decorative. I think you readily embraced the “mistakes” that come along with a lot of these processes and your enthusiastic and warm personality is especially suited to making work in an experimental vein–because you just get so excited you make everyone else excited too! Do not understimate this passion and interest it is the core motivation behind productive and prolific artists. I know your wheels are turning and that is a great great thing indeed! The divided picture planes are quite interesting–I really like how you used those small little canvases against one negative and broke up the space–this is exactly what I wanted you to do–disrupt the surface-the image–cause chaos–and respond to chaos. I would love to see you work larger–with some very large digital negatives–and continue with your ideas of fragmentation and isolation of body parts and combining processes. You’ve got a very good eye for composition, context and form–and with your positive and upbeat attitude-there’s nothing stopping you!


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