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Marta’s Salt Print and Cyanotypes

3 thoughts on “Marta

  1. Marta,

    My favorite ones from all of them would be the wedding ones. The photos are well taken and the salt prints give it a special warm feeling.


  2. Marta-I think the wedding portraits look exceptional in the salt print process especially the couple with the Equestrian paintings behind them. How wonderful if you could get your clients to start ordering these–and putting salt prints in their hands rather than a DVD! I also love the portrait of the little girl–and the dark circle “mistakes” floating all around..this is what is so wonderfully unexpected and unique about these processes–The composites definitely need to be done in photoshop as trying to sandwich the negative or doing multiple printing in these processes is so very difficult and unpredicatble–Take a look at Pearl’s radish girl–she was able to control the exposure perfectly–for any montage in cyano or salt print–photoshop is a must-(unless you’re already working with an incamera technique) and then just work from one enlarged digital negative.

    You missed the toning session and I think you would really be interested in the tones that were attainable from the cyanotype prints in tea and coffee–and the way we could bleach them back a bit. Take a look at the beautiful gold tones that Gianni got from my store brand instant coffee! Some of your wedding portraits on canvas or even white muslim with coffee or tea staining would be amazing! I hope you get the opportunity to try some of the embroidery and handcoloring and some installation work. I think working in some interactive installation pieces would be a great departure for you–especially since your work in video I’ve seen is along those lines.

    You have so many wonderful photos-especially the recent portraits you showed me, that would be outstanding in many of the processes we covered–I look forward to seeing how you will integrate it all together.

    I’m so happy you were able to informally join the class–your energy and spirit, creativity and discipline, intellect and patience, will take you anywhere you want to go.


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