Gianni’s Assigment Page

Project 1: Cyanotype

Gianni I would like for you to look at this photographer’s work in cyanotype and try to get some images of yours onto transparency material and to use watercolor paper.

I also want you to carefully study the work of Luis Gonzalez Palma and see what you think of it.

Also think this work might interest you…very powerful

I think your images are rather bold-dramatic-direct but quite classical–interested in seeing you combine this into the cyanotype and then tone them and then paint onto them in subtle ways. So get your transparency tommorow–pick some portraits  and some street scenes get them onto the digital negatives 8×10 or so or bigger (the uv light only covers 11×14) and some hot pressed water color paper.

Project# 2: Salt Prints   I think so far your images that are most successful are the ones that are more direct or have obvious separation between shadow and highlight example–silhouette–or the image of the found objects in the woods. Very clever use of using the 2 portraits as bookends–I really like this idea and you have many excellent portraits to work with. I would like to see you expand out of the single image and get some small stretch canvas and put them together as a grid or as a straight line or even diagonals–but they should relate to one another. I think working with sequences would be very beneficial to you.

Project#3 Darkroom Experiments  I would like to see you work on some composite printing and taking some of your ideas and creating more conceptional outlets for them. Make a list of your negatives you think you’d want to work with and show them to me and let’s try to see what really is inspiring you about images that you feel are unfinished in some way–let’s see if you can complete them by combining them.  I see you working in this aspect more so than solarization or photograms. I think you need some kind of narrative or story there however subtle.


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