Pearl’s Assignment Page

Project 1: Cyanotype

Pearl, I would like for your to study the photoworks of Candace Makowichuk at the link scroll through the galleries see the next button on bottom of page it’s easy to miss :

I think this would be a good opportunity for you to investigate your interest in old photos and see how to make the connection between them relevant in this contemporary moment. You seem drawn to the stories of people perhaps there are stories you want to tell –text you want to include–fragments or entire or partial narratives–that could either contextualize the image or leave it unfinished in a purposeful way.  Think about perhaps combining some text and images onto transparency or doing a combination of using transparencies together with real objects onto the paper or fabric. Think also of using images that aren’t necessarily photographic but drawn or stencils–or patterns–like old lace–or even decayed objects like broken glass–things that might convey particular meanings. I want you to get started Thursday to get your ideas ready and get materials so you’ll be ready for Friday.  Don’t overthink it just go with  your instincts. You can use any found photos or objects they don’t necessarily have to be images you have made.  Or go a different direction using old books even..


Project #2: Salt Prints   I think you’re still playing with the process trying to figure out which direction you want to take it and that ‘s a good thing–experimentation is how you will determine this…you mentioned that you weren’t sure how to approach using books for this or which ones–I think you’re all about the process itself showing–so having your materials disintegrate somewhat might work out ok–my impression is that you want to do something bold and different but you’re feeling frustrated by the limitations of the materials–I also think the size you’re working at makes it all the more difficult. I’m thinking that it might work out to use more objects that have symbolism to them rather than paper that you need to contain everything in the image..I feel as if your actual substrate should have some significance to you. You mentioned how you enjoy the assembly repetitive aspect of certain tasks–I’m wondering how you might incorporate that into the more unique aspect of the image that is achieved–to reinforce that in the final image..for example–what if you made you images onto molds-like a coffee filter this could withstand water and washing?   take a look at some of these examples

I feel like you’re a thinker–and thinkers need to work from a conceptual place first and then make work. See what you think about trying to use more unconventional materials like diapers (those childhood images you referred to) or large gauze bandages (perhaps having to do with pain) there’s that whole sort of “don’t pour salt in a wound” aspect especially with salt prints that you could work with…these objects carry meaning with them—-think about some materials that have meanings that you relate to and then look through your images and see if things start to click for you..when they do I think you’ll be able to expand those ideas across all the processes.

Project #3: Darkroom Experiments  Think if you want to go abstract or figurative–and then approach the technques accordingly. Again I’d like to see you combine image and object either indirectly in the negative itself or directly placing them in contact with one another. I’d like to see you do some vertical photograms–and use the penlight for some experiments..and create a narrative by placing images in sequence to one another or in some sort of arrangement.






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