Individualized Course Alternative Photography: Final Presentations

Our last class session will be your final presentation for Individualized Course HUA 238 Alternative Photography: Manipulations—DEMO SHOWN *    DEMO TO BE SHOWN ***

You will present examples from the following techniques and processes we covered in class and labs. See list below. Emphasize your best work-so present more work from processes you feel you were most interested in. However, I want to see that you made the effort to try them all even if the results were less than you hoped for. The work does not need to work together thematically in terms of subject matter or style.  Rather, I want you to be encouraged to explore and make discoveries that you can later refine and continue with more limitations.

You will also be required  to write a short artist statement that accompanies the pieces you will show in class which you will read during our final critique.  The statement should describe your intention and experience of working in these non traditional photographic methods.

If you missed the demos shown-make sure you refer to the pages on the blogsite to do them independently and catch up!

1. Cyanotypes*  or Anthotypes   anthotypes are by sunlight and take very long exposures you need to do at home

2. Salt Print*

3. Darkroom Experiment :

-Solarization or Selective Development *


-Sandwiched Negative or Composite Print*

-Diptik or Triptik  or multinegs in glass carrier*

-other sequential –or grid wall piece

4. Embroidered Photo*

5. Toning Examples*

6. Handpainted or colored image*

7. Collage or assemblage or other form of embellishment (starn twins example–etc)*

8. Montage or double exposure or Multilated Negative

9. Polaroid Transfer prints or Polaroid Lift*

10. Weaved Photo*

11. Inkjet or Laser Print Transfer onto canvas-board-wood *

12. Liquid light on Paper or Canvas and OBJECT (3d)*

13. Photo Object (mobile-multi images together–light box–conceptual ex:images on eggs in nest–on shoes..relate them to space or other objects)–Image that shifts from 2d to 3d experience–wrapping a photo around object–photo mobile..etc*

14. LIGHT EXPERIMENTS–example–in studio-exterior night or light drawing with penlight

15. Cliche Verre make your own glass negative scratch away image–you can trace photo onto glass or you can cover glass up with block ink and etch it away*

16. Image onto pottery (will provide details for this soon)*



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