Betzy’s Assignment Page

Project #1: Cyanotype

Betzy I think your smile portraits are very accomplished both technically and conceptually–I’d be interested to see you take this idea into the arena of cyanotype but with an intention to show more deterioration and decay– for example: think about how the teeth and expression not only give indication of personality and mood, hopes and desires– but also to economic status and youth or aging. I think it would be quite wonderful to see some mouths that are in decay-missing teeth–much more imperfect but yet still smiling–or no teeth at all like an infant..(the imperfections of the process and the streaks you can create putting the emulsion on would  help render the sense of loss)–.there’s a lot her to work with and the cyanotype lends itself quite nicely to imagery that is very direct in this way. See if you can take some of these images today and get them onto digital negatives to try to start working out the idea and try making some quickly as a test of some less than perfect mouths–think: missing teeth–maybe herpes sore?? lol  you get the point…I’m sure.  Look at some of this work for some ideas…I also think putting them together as a large grid and then securing them to masonite might be quite effective as well. Even tongues can be very sensual–landscape like.

   Cyanotype Mouth and Bubble (Brandon Heyer) Tags: blue tongue alt teeth lips blueprint bubble process alternative cyanotype

I also think the self portraits with the flowers would be interesting to try as well–using an image on transparency and then adding live objects on top of that during the exposure can be very seductive–you could put real flowers–etc…some more double exposure portrait ideas here–

Project #2: Salt Prints   I think your montage portrait images came out exceptional in this process. The warm sensual tones are very effective in reinforcing your intention in this work. I would like to see you work larger so see if you can make some bigger digital negatives–I would also like to see you create some combination prints with straight portraits but objects placed on top during exposure like a photogram. By combining processes and working at a larger scale I think the images will be hard to resist.

Project #3: Darkroom Experiments–would like to see you work more with solarization techniques and creating some composite images without the use of photoshop.


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