Photography as Sculpture from 2D to 3D

There are artists who make photographs into 3d sculptures and there are also artists inspired by photographs who create sculpture out of them for example: Heather Mekkelson  who makes sculptures of disaster photographs down to the last detail. Look at the following links for some INSPIRATION!     Love what she’s doing–MARLO PASCUAL   Louise Cooper  Naro Snackey  Melinda Mcdaniel

Melinda McDaniel
Almost Never Together
Melinda McDaniel

Annette Messager   commercial application   GOOD ARTICLE  on artists working with photodimensional ideas literally and metaphorically in their work   Susana Reisman’s photo sculptures are unusual   MICHAEL MAPES
Michael Mapes
Leigh Righton Installation-Embodied

Stefanie Herr

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